Westlife The Twenty Tour & Meet and Greet

DREAMS COME TRUE!! I waited 18 years for this moment to come true. Thank you Westlife

I joined the contest at the very last minute. Joanne remind me twice to enter the contest run by Popular Bookstore (under Universal Music Malaysia). To be honest, when they called to inform that I won, I gave my phone to my mom cos I was helping my dad at the atm machine and when I heard mom said Universal Music, I took the phone from her and immediately asked "is it good news" hahaha I was jumping at tesco trying to hold myself from screaming but who cares actually I was already made a little jumping like a mad woman.

Like I said the Gravity Tour was amazing but The Twenty Tour is incredible, maybe because it wasn't the only reunion for us Lifers but also I get to meet my Irish boyfriends! I repeat my Irish boyfriends! 

So Peyton DMed me asking who I like and of course it's gotta be Mark and yeay she likes Nicky and we just need to find the girl for Shane and Kian haha so I told Peyton to DM Eda and yeah Eda is Shane's girl and all that left now is to find Kian's girl. So we met Fatimah when we were getting ready for the m&g. And Kian was all hers haha

We waited like one and a half hour, the lads were late cos they were caught in traffic but it really worth the wait you know. We waited 8 years for em to comeback after their last farewell tour, so to waiting for another hour wasn't a big deal.

We heard car brakes form the basement so we all like the lads are here. Then we heard another car brakes, so yeah the lads are really here. Then a crowd came in and Nicky's loud voice singing and they were really in front of us heading to the photo room, and then Mark came out and say something I don't remember what it was, all I remember I was screaming then when it was our turn.

I shake Nicky's hand first, then Shane came and gave out his hand to shake, it was like "is he competing with Nicky" lol he can just stand there until I approached him but he was so nice, then I saw my man Mark, he was so tall and big and so cute God I love him. And then I saw Kian, man I was so startruck.

Kian is so handsome in face to face. The plan is ruined man. I want to stand next to Marky but look at the picture I was standing more to Kian's side hahaha for a moment I thought I was hugging Kian and then Yu Heng said "no la your hand is at your waist" seriously I don't know where to put my hand. It feels like I was floating in the air and somehow I ended up next to Kian lol

The crew rushed us so we can go back to our seats quickly. Then we waited for another girls to be escorted to our seats. For a moment it felt like we were VIP, when they took us to the basement, we walked past all the fans that are still queuing to get in. There was this guy from group one said 'i feel like we all are going to prison" lol and not to mention that we forgot our bags also, we came back to retrieve it and I really need water that time. Thank goodness they still selling water outside the entrance.

We really had fun that night. Screaming and singing and the funniest part is when Shane told us to sing the chorus for Swear It Again, we sang nicely but when we get to the third line, everyone messed up, it was the wrong lyrics hahaha now I can't wait for the Spectrum Tour! And guys sorry if I don't recognize some of you. But it was really fun to meet the familiar faces and making new friends. Cheers to the future Westlife concerts and I'm glad that we at least had our own group photo :)



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