Westlife The Twenty Tour & Meet and Greet

DREAMS COME TRUE!! I waited 18 years for this moment to come true. Thank you Westlife !  I joined the contest at the very last minute. Joanne remind me twice to enter the contest run by Popular Bookstore (under Universal Music Malaysia). To be honest, when they called to inform that I won, I gave my phone to my mom cos I was helping my dad at the atm machine and when I heard mom said Universal Music, I took the phone from her and immediately asked "is it good news" hahaha I was jumping at tesco trying to hold myself from screaming but who cares actually I was already made a little jumping like a mad woman. Like I said the Gravity Tour was amazing but The Twenty Tour is incredible, maybe because it wasn't the only reunion for us Lifers but also I get to meet my Irish boyfriends! I repeat my Irish boyfriends!  So Peyton DMed me asking who I like and of course it's gotta be Mark and yeay she likes Nicky and we just need to find the girl for Shane an

MOWGLI: Legend Of The Jungle

Aku ni jarang nak tengok movie pasal animal lover ni sebab emotional sangat, dah macam mak cik mak cik. Mowgli semua orang tahu cerita dia macam mana kan, pasal seorang budak yang dipelihara oleh haiwan dalam hutan, tapi movie ni dah di modify sikit so tak sama sangatlah macam yang kita pernah tengok dulu. Kalau siapa sini pernah ingat, dulu NTV7 pernah tayangkan series Mowgli. Memang setialah aku tunggu nak tengok Mowgli dulu. Mak bapak Mowgli ni kena serang dengan seekor harimau nama Shere Khan, satu hari Bagheera ni jumpa Mowgli, time ni Mowgli still baby so dia bawak Mowgli ke kawasan serigala. Dah letak Mowgli kt situ, dia menyorok tengok dari jauh, bila ada family serigala ni jumpa Mowgli diorg decide nak jaga Mowgli tapi still kena bergantung pada undi kumpulan, masa mengundi tu tetiba Bagheera datang bagi undi dia, and then tetiba dia cakap Balu pun setuju, and Balu pun macam "eh aku ni beruang bukan serigala so undi aku tak valid" hahaha and Balu pun balas

Netflix: When They See Us

When They See Us is a 4ep series based on a true story about 5 young boys who were wrongly accused on rape and attempted murder, which they didn't do. they were just there at the wrong time and wrong place. the 5 young boys were only there to hang out with their friends when they saw a group of boys are beating another boy and so they left and ran when the police came. but at the same time, local citizens found a severely bloody woman laying on the cold park. and so the 5 was arrested. Kevin, Raymond, Antron, Yusef and Korey. These 5 boys, they don't know each other, yet they were forced and coercing by the police and the DA to admit to something they didn't do. they were only 14-16 years old at the time and all they think about is to go home. Yusef and Korey, they are best friend and when police came to arrest Yusef, Korey went with him to accompany him but when Yusef's mom came to fetch him, they forgot about Korey who was asleep at the waiting room, so