Royal Pirates 'LOVE TOXIC'

by - July 30, 2015

Yeah.. I know the showcase is already ended months ago and I'm not a little too late but really late to update this post hehehe actually I was 50-50 either to go or not, I was too lazy to take out my money and buy the album bcos two passes were already included in the album..

And at the last minute, I joined a contest run by Universal Music Malaysia and unexpectedly I won two passes! ^^ hehehe save my pocket~~ to be honest, the showcase was held on the same day with Backstreet Boys, I really wanted to see them but the ticket was quite expensive and it was sold out very fast..

Pictures were credited to KpopStarz

But never mind, at least I get to see these three lads.. this is my first rock band showcase, I never thought I'd love their songs.. Drawing The Line, Fly To You, See What I See are my fave.. there's this one song that they never include their album and only performing it live, Supernatural.. the guitar string was wow but it's such a shame that Moon didn't show off his skill :( I recorded half of the song before the crew told me to stop.. *sigh

I don't have a better quality pics from that night, cos I was at the back.. only 20 steps from the door lulz that's what you get if you're late XD Thanks for the great show guys, and James I hope you'll fast recover so that you can string the guitar and give us a great performance again! 

Currently my ultimate bias in the band.. why? Bcos he favorited my tweet right after the gig.. and I was like eh~~??? I thought maybe it's fan account but then I saw the bio & it was him!!! ^^ honestly I don't stan him for weeks or months bcos I didn't go to the fansign and all.. just a screaming Moon I love you, that's all.. lulz

I met Chibi, Fee Unnie, Hyuna, Jida, the very famous fangirl Sheila, Sha and Asyraf.. Finally I got my apb mug from Suji, which was with her for months kekeke of course I'm gonna use the mug since I bought it.. limited edition from Korea okay.. and so I washed the mug, suddenly I saw a black ink on my finger and then I realized the nine dudes autograph were almost gone!!! Yaaaaaahhhhhhh why you all didn't use the permanent ink T.T


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