Netflix & Sandcastle

join jugak Netflix after having so much thought and so on. semua sebab hari tu aku demam and tak tahu nak tengok cerita apa, nak tengok astro banyak sangat cerita yang dah ulang so subscribe to Netflix is my last option.. tapi bila dah join tu jadi rambang matalah pulak. dah macam orang shopping sebab too many movies yang ada, from old to the latest.

and the fee is 0 for the 1st month bcos it'll be consider as trial but after that it'll charge you around MYR42 per month. kalau tak nak kena charge takpe, bcos they'll give you reminder before payment tu start so you still have time to cancel your subscription ok :)

13 Reasons Why tu macam best, masa series tu baru release banyak jugak la tweets yang cakap series ni memang, cuma series ni cerita in high school (memang bukan taste aku la kan) Riverdale hurm actor serious memang handsome handsome macho belaka but the circle is in high school jugak so reject jugak la dari list aku..

SANDCASTLE - sebab tengok hero tu macam kenal je kan hehe rupanya Nicholas Hoult, yang berlakon jadi beast kt X-Men.. movie ni a bit slow la jugak sebab it's not about a war but about a team who supply water to the people. everyday they'll delivery a tank of water to the people in town until one day they found the source of the water & plan to fix. 

so diorg pun kumpulkan orang kampung, first no one wanted to help em until ada sorang cikgu sekolah ni cari Hoult, so diorg and the team cikgu sekolah tu sama-sama repair tangki air yang dah rosak kena bom tu tapi ada orang tak suka sebab yelah they have this mindset American is bad people sebab datang tempat diorg etc..

one of the cikgu sekolah team tu mati kena bakar, so diorg pergi cari the killer dan tangkap diorg. they thought everything is ok now and still teruskan mission diorg nak repair tangki air tu. but no one knows of the man from the school team has a suicide mission, masa diorg tengah lunch, that man secretly walk to a building and then bang! suicide mission.

since mission diorg nak supply water to the people is a failure, they were asked by their superior to go back and wait for the next mission eventhough Hoult doesn't want to go back cps he thinks his mission is still not over yet..


I don't know why but I do have a soft spot with a British lad, they have this striking blue eyes that can melt you immediately and not to forget their hurm sexy slang as well *blushing*