The Kissing Booth & VIP

THE KISSING BOOTH bukan selalu aku nak tengok tapi time ni aku tengah demam, takde movie apa yang best so aku pun end up tengok movie. so movie ni pasal dua orang best friend, Ellie dan Lee. diorg ni dah memang dari kecik rapat sangat and guess what they make a bff rules lol no dating with your best friend sibling ooopps Lee ada seorang abang ni handsome sangat, Noah.. senior kt sekolah diorg. 

at first Noah selalu protect Ellie as a sister but later on, rumors going around yang Noah tell every boy kt sekolah jangan ajak Ellie pergi dating. Hello? No wonder Ellie hairan kenapa takde siapa yang pernah ajak dia pergi dating til this one day, a guy yang ajak Ellie pergi dating tak muncul masa hari yang dijanjikan. apparently he was beaten by Noah.. hurm so one day sekolah diorang ada buat liek charity event, Lee and Ellie chose to make a kissing booth, you just have to pay a dollar i guess. and Ellie end up kissing with Noah. so what happened when they started dating? ooopps that's their no.1 rules. NO DATING YOUR BEST FRIEND SIBLING!

P/S: Noah and Ellie is a couple in real life ❤

V.I.P. Kim Gwang Il (Lee Jong Suk) is the most wanted murderer, dari FBI, North Korea dan South Korea pun nakkan dia ni. masa di North Korea, nobody berani sentuh Gwang Il ni walaupun diorg tahu yang dia ni memang jahat giler, dia akan seksa dulu perempuan tu sebelum bunuh dia, tapi sebab bapak Gwang Il ni is somebody, dia rasa yang diri dia ni kebal.

team prosecutor ni pulak usaha nak selamatkan Gwang Il dari kena tangkap dengan polis sampai diorg sendiri sanggup cipta evidence, tapi kenapa diorg buat macam tu? apa sebabnya? dan kenapa pulak pihak FBI nakkan si Gwang Il ni? Apa yang ada pada dia..?

muka handsome boleh buat perempuan cair sekelip mata je, so what do you guys think when he's playing the role of a murderer?


Westlife Reunion

Rumors have been going around for two days about westlife's reunion. it was the same rumors that pop last year and mark, himself accidentally spill that there'll be reunion in 2018 lol but truth be told none of the lads have step up to deny the rumors, not even kian or nicky, these two were always the first one to step to deny any rumors reunion..

if you all remember this news pop last year and by that time we all thought "nah just a rumor and let's wait for the lads to tell us.." here, I'll share with you a little bit from the Irish newspaper..

In their prime Westlife teamed up with the likes of Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie.

Now the band have recruited the very best from the modern pop era as they prepare for a comeback. I can reveal that none other than Ed Sheeran is the mastermind behind Westlife's new single, having secretly co-written the track.

The band, who have sold more than 55 million records together, on targeting the younger generation with their new music.

A source explained: "Westlife have really been pulling out all the stops for their big comeback and were desperate to get Ed on board. It took time to pull together and has been done behind closed doors. Having Ed involved is a huge coup. They think he will give them a contemporary edge for their reunion. They have recorded the song and are delighted with it. They're putting together the final promo details, including a video, before unveiling it. It's going to be huge."

The surprise collaboration comes after the Irish Sun on Sunday revealed yesterday that they boys had signed a new deal with Universal.

The group are planning plenty of new music and a tour next year, with a source adding: "This isn't just a nostalgic get together, they want to achieve new things as a group."

The lads will return as a four piece as they were when they parted ways in 2012. Shane Filan, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily and Nicky Byrne, pictured from left, continued after Brian McFadden quit in 2004.

Just last year, their manager Louis Walsh, told us he had targeted Ed and James Arthur to provide new material for Westlife, adding: "I want to give them a notice to write some really good songs."

And Rita Ora, Liam Payne and Justin Bieber will testify that Ed is the go-to man for hits - having all released successful Sheeran penned material.

If Westlife,s track is anything like his previous tunes, it's sure to be a smash hit.

Credit source: Irish Newspaper