Movie: Nerve & Don't Breathe

this movie wasn't a really thriller film as categorized, it was more into suspense teen movies but it was a good one and worth to watch if you're a fan of Emma Roberts (Scream Queens) and Dave Franco (Now You See Me)

the movie is about a game called Nerve where it has three categories "watchers, players & prisoners". Vee was first signed up as a watcher for her best friend Sydney but then these two girls got into a fight. so Vee signed up again as player where she met Ian, little did she know about Ian is he was a player a year ago but when his friend died in crane challenge at Seattle, he reported it to the police and went to prison. 

and this time he came back to nerve as prisoner where he had to partner with Vee & lead her to the final so that he can win and end the game. but it wasn't go as planned when Vee found out the truth. you wanna know what happen next? you got to watch this movie hun. Dave Franco is a hottie bad boy. you don't wanna missed to watch his sexy body ooopps sorry it just slip out from my mouth but it's the truth right? he was such a cutie when i first saw him in Now You See Me but now he's a hottie!

the most thrilling scene is when Ian accepted the challenge to ride in blindfolded and Vee as the navigation. i was sort of imagine if they'll get into an accident cos Vee is kinda crazy too the light was changing into red when she told Ian it was green & yes they made it! 10k on the line was theirs.

Don't Breathe.............. this thriller movie might be the last one on your list. there's no ghost but the scenes were so damn thrill and makes your heart beating faster than you can imagine. it was about three friends Money, Rocky & Alex tried to rob a house that is owned by a blind man, who lost his daughter a year ago and lived in an abandon sub-urb place.

apparently this old man kept a secret that can harm their lives. he held captive of the girl who hit and run his daughter as prisoner. Money was shot to death but the old man didn't know that Rocky & Alex were in the house. Alex had left the house actually but when he heard the gun shot he came back to the house & found Rocky, who had taken the money. they tried to escape but everything was locked and when they finally get to the door, Alex was shot to death and left Rocky alone.

(photo credit to owner)

overall the movies were good. you guys have to watch it. i really mean it not bcos Dave Franco has a sexy body but bcos the movie is really good ;)