My Fave TV Series (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency + The Royals)

October 26, 2017

The series is now back with season 2! You have no idea how long have I been waiting for it, also it would only be on Netflix early next year. So yeah I have to wait again for the BBC America website is not for international viewers, sad I know. *sigh

When I first watch this series, I just can't stop laughing (imagine myself saying this in British accent) oh Dirk (Samuel Barnett) is such a dork and his assistant-express best friend-sidekick Todd (Elijah Wood), is now influenced with Dirk. Everything that Dirk had taught him to just follow your hunch, that what he has been doing to searching for Dirk in season 2.

Oh yeah sorry I skipped season 1, in the previous season, Todd had help Dirk to solve a case, it might make you feel confuse bcos it involves this time machine thingy. And that's why you have to watch this series and we all can get binge together!

Too hot and steamy and yes that is our Prince of Narnia or shall I say Prince Liam (William Moseley)? Damn he's so hot that he's a man now, no longer the pretty boy we used to know. Ok I'll just go to the season 1.

S1 - they all thought that Robert (Max Brown) had died in a plane crash and that means Liam has to step forward as the King of England, later his father was killed and his mother, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) had to do everything to protect the twins, Liam and Eleanor (Alexandra Park). There came along the bodyguard named Jasper Frost (Tommy Austen).

S2 - Liam felt the pressure to become a king and to revealed the truth about his father murderer, who is the father to the woman he loved, Ophelia. And before he knew the truth, Liam is willingly to leave everything behind to be with her.

S3 - Eleanor and Jasper are deeply in love, and Liam has fell in love to Robert's girlfriend (I forgot her name). Later, Robert is back! He never died on that island but he insists to stay there and hide when the rescuers got there (wanted to run from all the responsibilities he had). But he finally back bcos of his girlfriend, this is where it all started to crumble (a. for Liam, he felt that Robert had took everything from him, the charity he had started, the crown that was supposed to be his, also the woman he loved. b. for Eleanor, Robert tried to pull her apart from Jasper and yes it was a success) 

S4 - Oh I've seen too many plot twists already. Did Liam really became like Cyrus??


And how can I forget our bodyguard, Jasper Frost ;)

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  1. Huu sy tak penah tengok..tingin nak tengok awak sokmo nengok mana semua cite ni

    1. hi mira. kt pirate web je fmovies.. kt netflix pun ada tapi nak tunggu release lambat bebenau


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