AlphaBAT is coming back to Malaysia!

October 31, 2017

(photo credited to @dal2kstep)

Good news to all of you that AlphaBAT is coming back to Malaysia!  I'm sure you still remember them, the cute cheeky nine members but this time they are coming back as 4 members due to Jun went to military service and the rest of the members had left the band (Sanghun, Yeonsoo, Sanha, Selin & their maknae Soyeob went to military)

The update was given by their ex-manager Lee, I still don't know if NPS will organize the event again or not but this time their comeback is for a showcase & mini concert. Also they were no longer under Sim Tong Management but now is under Jakol Corporation who is base in Japan.

Ooopps I forget about the new member, his stage name is Kappa @ Younghun & he's 25 y/o ;) it's weird bcos Jun is now the new maknae replacing our Jeta kkk and don't forget to watch their new single 'Get Your Luv' which I'm pretty sure you already watch it long time ago. Let's keep supporting our boys. ^^

Hurm it's still fresh in my mind when I first met em but the one that had the most impact on me is during their second showcase here, when me & my bestie were the last two to get a photo group with them and the eye contact I had with Hayong oppa ignoring Sanghun oppa who was approaching me at the time *blush*. (Selca with AlphaBAT)

Last but not least, I really hope they'll visit Ipoh again, just to bring Kappa to the Lost World of Tambun (as you can see in Oh My Gosh! MV) since the other members had already been there, well he needs to know part of the apb history in here hehe


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