When you're no longer a "groupie"

November 10, 2017

GROUPIE. always  judged by others who thinks they are much more better, in fact we are all the same. be it footballer, movies.. a fan is a fan. and you will forever be, even if you're no longer a groupie.

I have a friend and she once complained that someone asked her how long you're going to chase your idol? live in reality. you're getting older etc. guys, there will be a day when we all will leave all this madness behind. it's just gonna take some time. same goes to the smoker. they're not gonna stop smoking that instant just bcos you ask. I'm sure you'll understand what i'm saying right.

as day goes by, as we grow older.. we're slowly leaving all that behind and focus to what we really want in life. celebrity obsession is part of our youth life. that was something to remember. through it we met many new friends and we still keep in touch until today. though we may live in different country and time zone.

for me. i like music. and if you have been following my blog from the early, you would know how much i love westlife and the story i made up to my parents so i can go to their gig. yeah it was crazy and bad but eventually i did tell them i was going to a showcase, watching a live band. i just don't mention who hehehe

but i'm not gonna regret it bcos it was the best night of my life and the rest is history. then my friend got me intop kpop (well i do like kpop but i never told anyone cos you know people always judge kpoppers). especially after the issue with B1A4.

and i didn't get to meet lawson's gig cos my dad was hospitalized, maybe it's not my luck and i don't regret it. i went to my first kpop's gig, alphabat. it was really crazy back then. and the royal pirates' gig at the bentley auditorium. twas a great gig but never have the chance to meet em in person. but i went all out with alphabat. their leader was so cute ya know.

and now they're back again in malaysia. but when the news broke, the excitement i always have isn't the same anymore. it was 50-50. and then i realized, i was over with all of this. chasing celebrity. as i said, to leave the groupie title is going to take some time. so please don't judge us. we're normal people too with bills to pay but we just have this other side to have an obsession with a cute guy ;)


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