April 10, 2017

OOOPPS SAILOR MOON AND TUXEDO MASK!!! ^^ I have to admit that these two are my fave anime couple of all time. actually I'd forgotten about sailormoon but it gets back at me when sailor moon videos were up as suggestions. wow it brought back all my childhood memories and how i want to be a cartoon and have a boyfriend like mamoru.. 

ok let's go for a little flashback, shall we? XD the sailor moon and her sailor friends along with the tuxedo mask, luna and arthemis were from a different planet and time. when their planet was attack by the evil queen, serena's (usagi) mother sent them all to the future at earth without a memory of their lives to be reborn and fight the evil.

luna's mission is to find the sailor moon and the other sailors (mercury, mars, venus and jupiter) while darrien (mamoru chiba @ the tuxedo mask) who was always teasing usangi when they met, is actually the tuxedo mask that always help the sailors to fight the evil. he also doesn't even remember anything but what he knew is he has to protect usagi and felt like they knew each other long ago.

yeah they fell in love again and they all regained their memories  about their past life. and then in the next season two (it was divide in two parts), in the first part, they were all reincarnation again and don't remember what happened to them in season 1 but evil took place again and luna ddidn't have any other choice but to return back usagi's memories and the others but she can't return back mamoru's memori. this is what make usage became sad but she's witty and intent to make mamore become hers again lol

in the second part, chibiusa came from the future (idk why cos i don't really remember). both mamoru and usagi were super shocked when they found out that chibiusa is their daughter in the future hahaha and then there was the time travel series where all the other four sailors and darrien dead and serena has to fight against the corrupted sailors.

in the original manga the series end with mamoru and usagi got married 6 years later. they had a remake version of sailor crystal in 2012 (as the 20th anniversary) and it was a worldwide series in 2013 if i weren't wrong. the graphic and bgm was all good but nothing can beat the original version right..

don't laugh at me but I'm started to marathons sailor moon series lol i still remember my mom bought the comic for me, it was their last chapter and i had been looking for it, can't find it anywhere in my room. instead i made a huge mess, gotta clean up my room after that. so i asked my mom bout my old comics and she said "how would i know. it was so long ago.." but i think i gave it to my neighbor's kid or i lost it at school.. hurm


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