July 04, 2017

Wow it really stings my heart when Hilary finally revealed the truth that Arthur, her godfather was the reason why their father, Sam had killed their mother, Solange. It was because Solange told him she had an affair with their best friend, his own best friend since they were in army. And their youngest daughter, Megan was not his but Arthur's.

And on top of it all, Sam had blamed himself for killing the woman he loved. He asked Arthur to be his lawyer and he told everything Solange had told him and Arthur asked if he believed her and pretend as if he doesn't know anything and all Sam had said is she probably had said it out of anger and he was drunk and he shouldn't had killed the love of his life, it was never crossed his mind that what Solange had said was all true. 

And to make it worse, Arthur had even separated the Walker's sister only to reunite them 30 years later, when he was dying with the help of John Chapman. As said by Alexandra, the 2nd daughter, the sisters lives were like a kaleidoscope. One moment when you shake the ball the snow will fell into the right places and sometimes they don't. Poor Hilary had a bitter life while the other two had a wonderful adopted parents.

It was a very lovely fairy tale, when Sam and Arthur had first saw Solange in France, they both liked her but Sam was the only one who had the courage to get near her and they fell in love at the first sight. Sam went back to US and later prepare everything for Solange to come and be with him. 

Everything was good until Sam became a very famous Broadway actor and he can't handle the fame at a young age, that probably was the reason why he got involved into scandals with many of his lead actresses. 

I think I'm gonna starting my collection of Danielle Steel, I already have two now including Now & Forever.


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