Westlife: Gravity Tour in KL

by - October 10, 2011

OMG!!! Westlife's concert were so amazing!!! who would thought that I finally could go to their concert. we were so excited and had such a great night! we were rushing to the stadium since we only bought the free seating tix. so many people was already in a long queue when we got there.

i don't know for how long we'd been waiting there but we probably got there at 4pm something. and i really thought i'll never get a chance to wear the same tshirt as they all but it looks like my dream came true again hehehe i got that tshirt! luckily one of ara's friend didn't coming so she gave the tshirt to me. thanks hun ^^

Thanks to Ara for helping me to but the tix & also for the tee, which is designed by Dreamie

Oopppsss..forgot to mentioned that we met Liza too.. but since she bought a premier tix, she can see Westlife soooo CLOSE!! (Uhh..soooo jealous) But most important is, we don’t miss to take picture with Westlife clone..hehe. I mean their poster. LOL  but too bad, I don’t have the picture with me, it’s in Sury’s dlsr. can’t wait for her to upload those pic!!

that’s enough for photography session. let’s go to the next session. hehe it’s time to Q or u’ll miss the best seat and view darling. Oh yeah, we met two new friends, Jo and Lava. Both of them are law’s student. (So don’t play-play with them..LOL)

it suddenly raining but lucky it’s not too heavy or we all will be wet!! the funny thing is five girls sharing one umbrella!! Haha maybe because we were too excited, a media man come to us and asking, “Can I take your picture to show your excited because Q in rain??” And us, “Sure!!”. While smiling. Hehe

actually, we didn’t notice who is the guy was until Lava told us he is a media. because she saw the guy has a media pass. Ara and me are just about going to buy junk foods when Westlife are coming in an Alphard and are escort by two police traffics. once we on our way back to Q, we saw the fans are rushing to the entrance.

OMG!!! where is Sury, Lava and JO???!! it’s too crowded and we can’t see them. one thing that makes us see them is Lava’s umbrella. LOL Once we had pass our tix, we all run like a horse!!! OMG!! I should’ve recording the situation at that time.. how silly I am../m\

and here again, the same photographer came & took our picture. he even asked us to show off our pass and all hahaha it was indeed a great night & i'm not sure how many time have i said that lol

three hours of queue & two hours of waiting in the stadium.. finally, Westlife concert begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They started with When You’re Looking Like That..We were all screaming like crazy people!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that they were in front of me singing their song lives!!!! And my Mr. M is so handsome!!! I can never forget he's smiling when he's singing When You're Looking Like That!!!

they all look like a little tiny ant in my handphone camera.mind you i don't give a shit about all that, as long as i can hear and watching em singing live. it's like a dream come true to me (even though the view are so far..huu)

this picture is taken when they were celebrating one of the crew birthday

the lads are sooo cool and sporting. one and a half hour show seems not enough to us. I was shocked when they say it’s time to say goodbye now. I thought that is the end but no… still have two more songs to go.. they came back with song Uptown Girl and What About Now.. I was recording Uptown Girl vid when suddenly my handphone SHUT DOWN!! (Out of battery) but that is not the end to me. I’m waiting for them in KLIA. LOL. It sound silly rite??;p

*All the photos are credited to Melakaboy*

I heard they’ll arrive in KLIA around 6pm and their flight to Seoul is at 8.30 pm. that’s where I met Kylie, Ara’s friend. Kylie is kinda brave too. she just simply asking three officers, give them a headache when she keep asking which departure gate Westlife will go through. LOL. Buzz Buzz. Shasha informed me the lads were just walk through Hilton’s lobby at 7.30 pm. so we all think Westlife will arrive KLIA around 8 something. Hurm.. I'm so excited but I can’t wait there any longer. So sad!!!

I had just say good bye to the girls and wanna leave KLIA when my handphone Buzz Buzz again. Shasha again. This time she told me the lads are having dinner and will leave Hilton at 10pm and their flight to Seoul is at 11.30pm. That time, I feel so gutted and sadddddddd.

but Shasha and the other fans are pity too. they’ve been fooled by the bodyguard!! can you guys imagine that??! I don’t know what is actually happened there but form what she told me, they will be allowed to take picture with the lads if they all stay in a place and don’t make chaos.

ok I feel relieved now cos what want to tell is finally written in here.. to me, it’s worth to wait for more than four hour and yet the day is raining, Westlife makes us happy and enjoy that nite!! keep rockin guys!! I’ll always love ya, especially my Mr. M <3 <3 <3



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