OMG!! Nicky Byrne Reply My E-mail!!!

by - November 19, 2011

Hello guys..Good morning, good afternoon..good evening & good nite!! =)

This story that I'm going to write is happened about 6-7 years ago, when I'm in high school. Ok, I'll start the story like this..

When I'm in high school..I was so obsessed with a band called 'WL' (westlife). I often go to cyber cafe with my friend, coz at that time, I don't have a laptop/internet at home. Everytime I' going to CC, the first thing I do is visit their official website.

And I send an e-mail to Mark. I just give it a try, coz I know maybe he won't reply my e-mail and if he does, maybe it's his admin or P.A, rite??

So, I never check my e-mail after that. Until I have move to a board school. And one nite, after a year I'm in this school. Our team (prefect's team) are asking by our teacher to help them prepare some documents for new student. And we were given one computer shared by 2 prefect.

My friend and I said, let's surf internet (coz our teacher is not there, he went out to meet other teacher)..hehe. And suddenly I felt like want to check my e-mail. And I'm in big shocked+happy, when I saw one of the list got an e-mail reply by Mark Feehily.

Of course I'm not gonna waste my time and quickly read what he's reply to me. But when I'm open it, it was actually reply by Nicky...

And you all know what Nicky write about..? He wrote about their day and how they had tease Mark.. LOL

But too bad..I don't remember that e-mail account anymore. I've try so many times after that. I guess maybe I'd forget the password or my e-mail id.


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