Shopping shopping shopping with cousins

April 27, 2013

Yes I love shopping but it's not my plan though.. Going shopping on Friday night after work? Obviously not my style but it was suggested by my cousin..

So after we had shower, put on the best clothes we had (just joking hehe) no dinner!! I can't believe I'd missed my dinner as well as I'm so starving.. but what is more important than going shopping!!

Oh Sugar.. lemme by u a diamond ring *just joking.. they're cousin.. we're cousins*

Look at his confusing face when shopping.. more confuse than us.. LOL

The scene behind us is at Ipoh i-City @ River Walk, Kinta Riverfront. It's really a nice view.. You guys should go there a lot.. We went there for dinner actually.. Gotta fill our tummy before heading back home.. 

Last but not least...

Ok.. bye..


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