Update: AlphaBAT "Hari Raya K-Pop Showcase"

by - July 22, 2014

OMG!!! I'm seriously don't believe that they're coming back AGAIN within three months, after their 10th member audition and mini showcase in April. Ever since New Pro Star Sdn Bhd announced that they'll bring namja group in August, I've been hoping that it would be M.pire because I thought it's impossible for AlphaBAT to come back so soon but wow it's happening~

I started to imagine things you know.. like they're wearing baju melayu, songkok and samping.. same as when the boss is here.. honestly, I can't describe how happy I am.. my hands are shaking and all..


Remember when I said I won a sign poster and badge from M.pire Mwave Meet & Greet? The items didn't come along with the mini album I purchased, and about the album, I almost forget about it when a postman said the item is from Korea.. he even ask me did u buy a k-pop cd.. lol and for the sign poster and badge, it comes a month later, I think Mwave has forgotten about it.. cos they only send it two weeks after I email them about it.. thanks to Haru though.. if he didn't pick me, I won't received these two things :)


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