FIFA World Cup 2014: Spain vs Netherlands

June 14, 2014

Got my alarm set at 3am and I was very excited to watch the match between Spain and Netherlands.. and what's surprising me is the score! Seriously Netherlands really took a revenge for their lost to Spain in World Cup 2010.. I honestly can't believe the score is 1-5, it was like a nightmare to me..

As a viewer, to me Spain was lucky enough to score a goal on penalty by Alonso, although they tried to make three goals before it but maybe because they were too excited or something, they missed all the three goals.. and as a fan, I won't blame it all on Casillas, either as well the players.. maybe he was just having a bad day.. he said himself in interviews "he'd take the blame"

At this rate, I know many people are blaming him eventhough they didn't say it right to his face.. but just don't forget that he'd bring victory to Spain in FIFA World Cup 2010 and Euro World Cup 2012

"Ramos encouraging Casillas"

Casillas and the rest of Spain players will rising back during their coming match with Chile on 19th and Australia on 24th!


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