[140528] Mwave MnG with M.Pire

May 28, 2014

Seriously am I still normal or not? Since dapat tahu pasal MnG by Mwave ni, I sampai set reminder and all, padahal bukan betul-betul berjumpa, just streaming je tapi you all nampak apa yang fans boleh dapat kat situ hehe ok I'm not one of the lucky Muses to win their special badges but I'm one of those Muses who won in Happy Hour segment~ kekeke ^^

To be honest, this is my first time join this kind of event and I really find it awesome and cool~ I don't know much about them cos I'm not a fan before but after listen to their song Not That Kind Of Person, I'm addicted to it and became a Muse since then..

See my name there? I was out of my mind when I saw Haru is replying to my message when the fact is it was Red's turn to reply and choose the winner, but maybe bcos Red is talking too much, Haru take the laptop tp reply and he chose me! That's not what surprising me actually, the most surprising is when I saw Haru is replying to my message.. my cheeks are burning and it turns red lol 

And now, I can't wait to have my special badges and signed poster from them.. oh yeah I met a new friend today, named Andrea and we were talking about our bias, it's kinda funny when first we like Haru but then changing bias to Red and she to Uuseung.. and out of no where I told her Haru is Haru, only a one stop centre until we found our true bias.. hehe luckily he didn't notice this message kekeke



This is when he's replying to me ^.^

Haru being mischievous and keep playing with camera for the whole session.. and for now congratulations to all the winners, let's be patient while waiting for our gifts to arrive ^^

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