[30042014] Love AlphaBAT @ LWOT, Perak

by - May 03, 2014

"when we're shocked, our body & mind are out of control.."

So yeah, this is my seccond chance meeting AlphaBAT, after the first meeting at The Summit, I have become one of their fan event though the original plan was to accompany Amy.. as I said I didn't won the photo pass except for the VIP passes as the media, but it was my rezeki you know..     

I think I mentioned before in previous post that during the photo session I was looking for Hayong oppa but I was too shock that I don't even know where he was and I thought it was oppa's hand on my shoulder but turns out it was Selin's hand.. wow I could never forget the eye contact hehe it was as if I was brought to another world you know...

During their vacation at LWOT, I heard there were fans or most us of thought we should call them sasaengs for creating trouble during their stay at Sunway Hotel.. also for disturbing AlphaBAT enjoying themselves at pool by jumping out from train and screaming~

 I don't know why I'm holding E:psilon's name

Poor that dude, he lost his seat just to help us taking selca

Met new friend there and we all were so hyper during the beach party and this below photos were at the entrance where Amy and I were just arrived and coincidentally when we were arrange our stuff at counter, AlphaBAT was just had their lunch and about to go back to their hotel when Amy said "Ri.. Ri.. dorg.. go.." and I was like a thunder running to meet them but I didn't found way to them, out of nowhere I jumped out just like that (I was shocked too, I never thought I'd be so brave to do that) I don't remember, it's either F:ie or C:ode but they were surprise too and continue to lingering around after the NPS staff said no photo -.-

And me, after that being like a little girl who lost her mom, I was lingering in the entrance too, looking for Amy, I think I almost cry cos I can't find her and during that "critical moment" I:ota walking pass by my side and I don't even dare to look at him.. now that I think of it, oh damn how embarrassing.. feels like I need to hide in cabinet or something~

Another chaotic was when fans weren't allowed to taking pictures of AlphaBAT and we can only see them from far away -.- hurm those who have DLSR you guys are lucky but those who only have their handphone like me, haish we are sooooo pitiful, so I decided to taking video instead of picture, at least I can replay the memories over and over again hehe

Since we were so tired from running, screaming and all, we decided to take a break and might join the crowd back at beach party, but lucky was on our side, when we were riding a train, who would have thought that we're going to meet AlphaBAT for like 3-4 times and the staff can't do anything since we're on the train not among the crowd~ feels like I'm psychic, before we're going to the summit I told Amy I dreamt I won VIP pass and she won photo pass and the dreams came true, and that day I told them if we're lucky enough we might meet AlphaBAT during our ride and yes it comes true!

There's not so many pictures I can snap during the beach party, it'll be just enough if I said we had so much fun as well as seeing AlphaBAT having fun too.. currently I'm uploading the LWOT video but maybe the file was too big or the internet line isn't good or something, it still on progress since this afternoon.. haish

Ah btw, luckily Chibi took my sneakers.. I only remember bout my sneakers after I had chase their manager and gave the chocolates, letters and all.. the funny thing is the police uncle still remember Amy and me, he said "you two were detained for bringing chocolate rite?" haha another embarrassing moment I had is when the police uncle told me "don't worry, she'll pass the gifts to their manager" *.*

While Amy and I were waiting for our parents, we sitting at the corner of the road and I tell her "isn't that their room?" and we saw someone walking by the window hahaha OMG!! What happened to us??! ah  don't forget to check out my YouTube channel to watch their videos.. ^.^


The picture isn't complete without their leader, B:eta


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