K-Drama : Triangle

by - May 23, 2014

Okay guys, I have a new K-Drama to share with you guys.. sometimes I always wondering why Astro didn't have MBC channel, I'd rather if they replace KBS to MBC since they always airing a nice drama, but adding one more channel would be good as well hehe

This drama is about gambling and also three brothers yang terpisah masa kecil, Thus, twenty years later, dorang semua bertemu semula tapi masing-masing dengan identity yang baru. the oldest brother (Jang Dong Woo) works as a detective yang sedang menyiasat sebuah kes, secara kebetulannya his second younger brother ni plak jadi ketua gangster (Heo Young Dal aka Jang Dong Cheol) and at the same time jadi his informant whilst the youngest  (Jang Dong Woo aka Yoon Yang Ha) is adopted by a rich family.

Part paling sedih dalam drama ni bila ada flash back masa dorang kecil, lepas ayah dorang mati, mak dorg hilang and the three of them were sent to an orphanage. disebabkan nak jaga dua orang adik yang masih kecil, tiap-tiap malam Dong Woo pergi mencuri, dari duit tu dia belikan makanan untuk Yeong Dal and formula milk untuk Yang Ha..

The oldest brother blame himself for not being able to take care of his younger brothers and said it was his fault one of them was adopted and the other one run away from the orphanage. That's the reason why he became a detective, to find his brothers. Drama ni ada 24 episodes. I'm sure some of you wouldn't want to miss this drama esp when you're a ZE:A Siwan fan and I've watch until ep 4 at the moment ;-) ah btw kalau you all pernah tengok the return of the superman, mestilah kenal dengan choovely family kan.. sarang's dad is a yakuza that hired by Ko Bok Tae to kill Yeong Dal..

Overall, kesimpulan yang aku dapat buat, aku baru tengok sampai ep 4 je ok, the one that have a bitter life is Yeong Dal sebab he never went to school and during his childhood life, dia jadi beggar sebelum pergi ke Sabuk.. tempat yang menemukan dorang bertiga ni.. and who would have thought, the psychiatrist that Yang Ha always met is also a daughter to a man who adopted Dong Woo and at the same time listens to Yeong Dal's story during the interrogation..


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