Congratulations to the 4 finalist of AlphaBAT's audition

May 06, 2014

First of all, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to the finalist 4! Spade, Khai and Halif are the contestants from Johor Bahru audition whilst Isaac is from The Summit, KL. Yeah, I was nervous to find out who will be joining AlphaBAT as the 10th member.. will J:eta's position as maknae will be taken and all..

A couple hours ago, one of the finalist, Isaac confirmed in his Twitter that none of them are selected to be in the group yet but all of them will be in Korea soon to be a trainee under Sim Tong Entertainment.. I told my friend a few days ago, let's say if one of them are not selected to be in the group, maybe the management will take them as a soloist etc.. it's such a shame that the dude who singing Kim Bunsoo song wasn't selected..~

To tell the truth, my favourite is Isaac, if voting are allowed, I will vote for him hehehe it's bcos he's the only who caught me during the audition, what more his performance, hair style and the way he dressing up.. it's overall K-Pop~

And it's a good thing that four of them will go to Korea together, at least they won't be lonely being at foreign country, right?


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