#throwback : our days with AlphaBAT

May 16, 2014

Who is AlphaBAT? Seriously I don't know who they are except for Youngjin whom is a hyung to Teen Top Ricky, when first Amy told me about em, I was like "nah they're not my type, I don't like their songs blah blah blah etc" she was like promoting AlphaBAT to me.. seriously I told you I don't like them~

But when Amy told me about their 1st showcase and they're also looking for 10th member here, she asks me to accompany her and yeah I went along with her cos she said it's FREE! I even upload about this event in my instagram lol I can't just go there and be a statue right, so I started to listen to their latest songs and all...... and BOOM! I like it esp Tantara.. 

Ain't they're nine good looking men hehe

And since I've found who my favourite is thankfully he's an oppa cos most of the group bias I like most of them are dongsaeng or same age as me huuuuu well he's an oppa + leader, so I kenalah treat dia special sikit kan, so after both of us arrived at KL, I told Amy I want to buy something for him and she says "only him? what about the others..?" aaahhhhh I don't care.. yang penting sekarang ni my oppa ok

So when we arrived at The Summit, there were fans who were already in queue and luckily we have VIP pass so we don't have to get in the queue that early though.. what most important thing to do is to fill our tummy.. damn we're so hungry, but before that, we need to get a gift box to put in our gifts for them and me as usual act spontaneous and asking the lady to lend us a pen, and I wrote down my message there while Amy is making the payment.. then only we had our lunch.. 

It scared me to death when I saw a memo at KFC sink saying "sorry for the water problem at the moment" aiyayaya how to go to toilet leh.. the water runs very slow, who can tahan their business for  hours rite.. luckily the water at toilet runs very well.. if not... I don't know lor

Their performance are so awesome + fan service and all = daebak! The nine girls who were chosen to play games with them are so lucky to get their handmade soap sob sob and finally the moment we're waiting for "photo pass" I was lucky to get photo pass at last minute cos someone has extra and sell hers to me.. hehe if not, it would be only Amy and the boys.. forgot to mention that we finally met AlphaBAT MY admin.. whatta coincidence that she sat next to us.. I could never forget the girl whom cause trouble to nps cos of the vip seat.. -.- ok back to photo pass~ (we're the first vip group and the second group in 8 to go)

Strangely, I don't know what happened to me, I was looking for B:eta but I couldn't find him when the fact is he's just next to I:ota, so I just sat my self there, taking picture and go.. I don't even hi-5 with them when they raise their hands, Amy said their hands are rough.. why are you telling me this??! Try to make me jealous ar?? All I have in mind that time is to give Hayong oppa present..

It's nothing much but I hope he likes it, I gave this to their manager since Amy and I can't wait there any longer.. we have to rush back to KL Central before 7.30pm or we might have to spend a night there.. and that was when I think is very funny, I asked one of Korean management crew (a girl -  she can speak english) and she said later, I was a little bit sad actually cos we might not be able to give the gifts to them so luck was on our side that day, their manager came and I ask him if he can help me to give this gift to Hayong oppa.. (only his name in my mind) and he asking me like 4 times to confirm it's Hayong.. hahaha

p/s: looking for a taxi and the first driver we met try to lie to us about the taxi fare, chasing ktm, looking for a place to charge our phone since we don't bring power bank, buy a mineral and bread, whatta sad life in our way home, eating KFC yang dah penyek dalam train, makes me look like a refugee.. -.- 

D-Day (140430) it was sad that Hayong oppa has to go back to Korea a day after The Summit showcase, the event at LWOT will be more chaotic and happening if he's here.. hurm sometimes I think I should edit above picture and put myself in the middle (I just did though) hehe ah that picture is credit to their manager.. did I mention that I met Sanghun oppa at the entrance? I think I did.. (in the previous post)

Both of us are arranging our stuff at the customer service when Amy said they're coming, so like LTE, I speed to waiting for them at the front, I don't know.. it takes almost 2-3 weeks for me to remember who was the member I jump into.. (not like I jump onto them, it's more like bump into each other you know) apparently it's Sanghun oppa.. he was shocked, I was shocked.. the only words that came from my mouth is "photo please" and my wide smile is gone when nps girl said no photo :( so I step back forward and was like "why am I just standing here" so I take a video of the moment.. and that's when I remember Amy.. where the hell she is.. lol I lost my friend!!!

Picture credit to manager-nim, he uploaded in facebook lol I've seen familiar faces there, most of them are from KL and freelance bloggers though. Standing in the crowd there, watching them doing interview and play games, it's really tired actually cos I'm short and I barely see anything, I just snap what I can and leave~ poor Amy, she hasn't had a properly lunch, she only had kaya balls and it's sooooooo sweet

F:ie, the only nice picture I can get from the crowd~ 

My effort of chasing them, splitting from Amy, don't even know where she is.. the situation was like hurm when you're trying to find a safe spot to save your life.. that's how it feels hahaha it's very chaotic day, some fans were angry cos the train went so fast and all, eventhough AlphaBAT told the driver to go slow, they're not listening -.- I'm pretty sure it's not just me who thought this but the other Alphas also, the situation definitely will be different if Hayong oppa was here.. 

I think I don't have to mention what happened after that, when the boys were having their leisure time.. you can read it here -> AlphaBAT @ LWOT, since this entry is only about throwback.. ah you can see more pictures there too ;-)

Aaaahhhhh Amy said Sanghun oppa looks like a local people, from the way he dress up and all.. like a chinese dude who were having a good day with his buddies hahaha *miyane sanghun oppa*

Riding the train was the best ever decision we ever made.. haha that's when we met them around 3-4 times.. and the crews can't say a word about it since we're not in the crowd but we're having our leisure time though hahaha wheneven I look at this picture, I remember the guy who help to took this picture... I felt very sorry to him but still thank you for the time ya~ 

Very very close right~ hehehe Epsilon was giving a pose when he suddenly realizes that we're actually taking video, then he started to waving his hand ^.^

The teddy bear box is a gift from me and the yellow one is from Amy, we plan to give to them ourselves but things don't always go as we wish, inside it is kisses for Selin, hershey's for hayong oppa and a letter for Sanghun oppa and H:eta from my friend, Shim.. 

We leave the venue early cos we want to meet them at the second exit to pass the gifts but apparently they went out through the main entrance, we just could sigh and out of nowhere Amy and I walk to their hotel, main mission is to chase them (I must be 200% out of my mind) until their hotel but then I saw two cops.. I told Amy I'm afraid so we just stood there for minutes I think...

I push her, and she push me.. for minutes then finally I go, one of the cops call the nps manager and I pass it to her, I sat there for minutes again and staring at her, waiting.. when will she pass it to their manager.. who would have thought that the cop would remember us from the day event.. he said aren't you two were detained for bringing in chocolate.. I was blinking to hear it and laugh.. maybe he heard me mumbling to Amy and suddenly he says don't worry, she'll pass it to their manager.. so embarrassing..

That's when I remember I had left my shoes at the second exit.. we ran back there and luckily Chibi had took it with her, if not I would be mad, I bought that shoes just to meet AlphaBAT you know.. lol

Really thanks to manager-nim for uploading their pictures in his Facebook.. at least we can still see the brightness and happy side of them during their stay at LWOT, though they were tired and harassed by some sasaengs~

Ah by the way, yong hwa and the gang is coming after raya, jangan lupa bagi dorg rasa kuih raya sikit eh, nak bawa jumpa mak pak mentua pun boleh hehehe.. oh I'm not going though I like jonghyun so much but I don't like their songs.. so have fun guys ;-) #wink


I joined the contest by 8TV Night Live, ok I don't dare to have so many hope in this contest since so many fans are join it but if I win Hayong oppa polaroid, then I'll smile for a whole month hehehe

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