[27042014] Meeting AlphaBAT: 1st Showcase at The Summit

April 28, 2014

Daebak! Finally AlphaBAT shows up with a song, Always.. a song which is written for their fans called Alpha.. the show started with an audition by 9 dudes and I must say they were all talented and handsome.. some got a nice voice but can't dance, and some can dance very well and do spontaneous rap but can't sing, and the one who captured me is Isaac from Sabah..

Apparently he is teaching dance and can speak Korean as well, even he appearance is K-Pop style, at his young age, he already own a dance studio and making his own money.. what surprising me is he already have a fans, in front of me and those who are standing outside, they were all yelling his name ISAAC! Dude you got my vote ya!

I would love to talk about how I kill time when waiting for the New Pro Star Sdn Bhd  staff to open table so that I can collect my media pass & Minah can collect her photo pass.. while we were line up, there's a dude, we had a chat and I ask to take a look at his banner, what a very supporting male fan hehe and he calls us noona sob sob but it's not the time yet cos I still haven't get my my photo that was taken for photo pass winner

Actually I didn't win the photo pass contest but lucky me, there's two sisters who sitting in front of me and they have extra passes, so she sells one to me.. I think that is what we call luck or rezeki right? The below three photos were captured using my cell phone cos the camera that Minah brought is out of battery right after AlphaBAT performs a couple of songs.. and I'm so regret when they perform Fiction, cover from Beast and I didn't record it.. :(

The funny moment is when I:ota mistakenly said when you instead of thank you..  I couldn't stop laughing and I thought I would lost my voice that day after screaming so loud and there was a grandpa sitting in front of us, and he's using a tissue to cover his ears lol at first I was thinking why he's here etc, so the truth is he is supporting his granddaughter, a group called Bubble Candies. 9 lucky fans were chosen to play straw passing rubber and they were divided to three teams..The 9 handsome dudes prepared a handmade soap and give it to the lucky fans + their first mini album to winner of the game and B:eta said it to keep their fans clean.. again LOL

I think I have shock attack when going for photo pass session. I didn't know who else put up their hand to Hi-5 but I notice  I:ota and all I do is staring at him and sit down when the staff told us to hurry even the mc said mida mida.. actually I was looking for Hayong oppa aka B:eta but I couldn't find him.. that' silly right? Minah said he's at my right.. anyway I'm waiting for the media to upload the photo so I can see how my facial expression is.. A blogger named Tian Chad told me that's what fans do. Capture memories using own eyes is the best!

Their fan service is 100% best!

B:eta said "I'll go back, I'll go back" because the girls were very good

Okay this is the only video that I think is much better than the others. Cos I stood on my chair to get it!

P/S : I'll tell more when I got my photo with AlphaBAT. Also I'm looking forward to see them again at The Lost World of Tambun on 30th April 2014. Ticket price is RM50 to join AlphaBAT activites and RM20 for dinner. They'll have their press conference first at 11 am before starting all the activities. Below photos are all credited to Go Kpop! since I can't capture too many moments there! Lol ^.^ ah I hope Hayong oppa like the gift I got for him, it's not much but I'm sincere.. 



B:eta the leader, my bias, I was so excited to see him again at The Lost World Of Tambun this Wednesday but I heard he has to go back to Korea due to personal problems..

D:elta and I:ota performing Love On Ice

AlphaBAT is also knows as pro flirt to Alpha

 I:ota who stole me from his leader, B:eta

 E:psilon, TeenTop Ricky's brother

Last but not least

After their first press conference  on 24th April 2014

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