Updates: AlphaBAT 1st Showcase in Malaysia & Audition For 10th Member

by - April 18, 2014

WOW!!! I can't believe that I just get an email from New Pro Star Sdn Bhd saying that I get a media pass and a VIP seat is already reserved for me!!! This will be my first media pass and I'm doing a cover.. It's like a dream come true to me...


If you want to greet the boys at airport, please make sure you will be there at 23rd April 2014, KE671, ETA 9:55pm. 

The one in the middle with maroon hair and act cute is their leader, and he's mine 
hehehe ^.^

Right after the audution, AlphaBAT will perform their first showcase and will give away their handmade gifts during game session with fans.


This is another contest for fans who will attend the event at Danga City Mall.

To win a pair of AlphaBAT in JB (Danga City Mall) showcase VIP passes, you will just have to complete this slogan, by COMMENTING ON THE COMMENT BOX BELOW. 

" I love AlphaBAT because..... " ( In not more than 15 words, not including the 4 words given)

The first 15 commenters will have a chance to win a pair of AlphaBAT in JB (Danga City Mall) VIP Passes.

AlphaBAT fans in JB, hurry and get your VIP tickets NOW!!!


Contest will be closed once the numbers of comments hits 15,
PM messages will not be entertained)

Good Luck!! - New Pro Star Sdn Bhd

And congrats to all 15 winners who won a VIP pass through Send A Message To AlphaBAT contest. 


And to all the lucky contestants who will go for the audition, CONGRATULATIONS! :)

Congratulations to all qualified contestants !
Please let's us know which audition centre will you be attending.

26th April 3pm Danga City Mall JB


27th April 3pm Summit Subang USJ by commenting below. 

We will send you confirmation and details through email. 

1.Choong Chean Chein------Summit Subang USJ 

2.Jason Xie Cheng Wei------Summit Subang USJ

3.Chiu Wee Jien (Jam)------Summit Subang USJ

4.Alex Goh Wei Lok------Summit Subang USJ

5.Ryan FooJoe

6.刘华顿(Spade Liew) ------JB, Danga City Mall
7.Muhammad Faiz Bin Azman------Summit Subang USJ
8.Isaac voo kai meng ------Summit Subang USJ
9.Chris Chia Kwong Yeow------Summit Subang USJ
10.Lutfi ---------Summit Subang USJ
11.Alex Ho Kah Fai
12.Mohd. Ariff Qushairi ------- Summit Subang USJ
13.Marcus Lee Zi Heng ------Summit Subang USJ
14.Ong Khai Lim
15.Ong Kuan Ying------Summit Subang USJ
16.Mohd. Asrulnor Haliff------Danga City Mall JB
17.Shawn Chow Yeung Shean------Summit Subang USJ

Reception will open at 1.30pm.
Please bring your MMO in CD format audio format ( NOT data format) please test it on CD player.would advise to bring pen drive for back up in case cd can't play. - New Pro Star Sdn Bhd


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  1. i love AlphaBat because i love all thier songs and i love all thier members! AlphaBAT HWAITTING!