AlphaBAT 1st Showcase in Malaysia & Audition For 10th Member

April 07, 2014

When I first heard this news a week ago, I thought it's an April Fool prank but obviously it's not since New Pro Star Sdn Bhd has confirmed about this news. To K-Pop fans who want to be in K-Pop music entertainment, don't hesitate to send a 1 minutes and 30 seconds talent video of yourself to New Pro before April 11th.

The boys will arrive on April 23rd and leaving on May 3rd. Oh by the way, New Pro is giving away 30 VIP passes and all you have to do is LIKE their Facebook page. It must be done by today cos the result of 30 lucky fans will be announce at 2pm TODAY!


AlphaBAT originally debuted as a duo act made up of Kyumin and Selin, but soon after debut Kyumin left the duo and Selin was joined by eight new members to create the nine member boy band now under Simtong Entertainment set to re-debut in November 2013. AlphaBAT was officially debut in 2012 and they hit it off with J-Pop before debut in Korea.

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