B1A4 & BANAs tragedy

January 13, 2015

Wow I'm writing my first 2015 post and hard to believe the incident will be the one.. first of all I noted here I'm not taking side on anyone, I just wanna share my thoughts on what happened, that's all.. what media have been writing on their articles, honestly the words you have been use are harsh, ayat dicabul I think is too much.. 

Please tulis cerita yang betul & jaga aib orang sama. Make sure u dapat story dari source yang betul, jangan sekadar dengar dari mulut haters je.. I'm not saying yang I back up the fangirl ke apa cuma sekadar nak share my thoughts bcos I heard too many stories since yesterday.. Makes me feel like I'm in a fan war with media la plak~~ maybe that girl, she was too excited or shocked so she just said yes.. We're not in her shoes so we have no right to judge her.. Let Baro aside, what wrong have that guy did to be bash like this.. They were just having fun & things happen.. That's all.. And to organizers, please jaga sensitivity Muslim fan when it melibatkan any games on stage..

And my response to kj oppa yesterday.. Eh silap abg kj^^ yela takkan nak panggil pak cik plak kan hehe know what, my friends keep laughing at me when they read my caption lololz yela it's true what, lelaki sejati bukan bergantung pada warna kulit tapi pada mulut, hati & tingkahlaku.. That's what matter.. To me the funniest thing is 5 yrs from now, both parties (B1A4 & the fangirls) will laugh to what happened & maybe they'll say "bodohnya aku dulu" "kenapa la aku buat mcm tu" "ya Allah jahilnya aku dulu" 

Well we are not perfect, you & I, everyone, we all made mistake, but that's what life is all about.. People made mistake & learn from it.. What happened will be a lesson to all fangirls out there but please don't take advantage to discriminate people based on their skin color.. Not all man with tall, dark & handsome are nice & sejati.. I'm just saying, no heart feelings ok..

Setiap apa yg kita cakap, mendatangkan reaksi yg berbeza.. so please make sure susunan ayat tu betul, or else benda tu akan menjadi fitnah & mendatangkan aib pada orang lain.. tak salah nak tegur kesilapan budak tu tapi kata orang biarlah kena caranya.. silap cara teguran, bukan akan mendatangkan manfaat tapi menambahkan keburukkan lagi ada..

Apapun, betul apa yang Ustaz Kazim cakap "Kenapa kita nampak k-pop sahaja yang haram. Dalam filem ada juga yang cium, cium dahi, berpegangan tangan. Itu juga haram. Jadi kita kena luaskan konsep (pencegahan) daripada k-pop sampai kepada drama dan filem."

p/s: I'm not backup anyone ok despite I'm trying to be fair by not showing any support to both parties but it's people's mouth and mindset.. we can't stop any of them, I only have one advice to all the fangirls out there, please mind your attitude when meeting your idols, doesn't matter if it's kpop/americans/brits.. let this become a lesson to all of us :)


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