Border Town Prodigal

February 17, 2017

So tonight will be the last ep of Border Town Prodigal aka New Edge City Wanderer.. I'm not gonna lie the ending is quite sad. I thought at least Fu Hong Xue & Ma Fang Ling will have a happy ending but in the end, Fu Hong Xue lost everyone he loved.. I'm so mad at the writer, I'd marathons 50eps in a week and the ending is what makes me crying, literally crying..

Revenge, betrayal and sacrifices.. all plots were written nicely even though some of the eps are twisted and can make you feel annoying sometimes but overall you would want to stay longer and want to know what'll happen next.

I read some comments that asked who did Fu Hong Xue loves more? Well in my point of view I would say that he loves Ma Fang Ling more but after that misunderstand where FHX thought MFL put the poison in his medicines and they became an enemy after that. I think FHX did fell in love with Cui Nong (because CN has been accompany him during his hard times after the misunderstand he had with MFL), but as FHX said he never have CN, he saw her as a mirror because they both have the same background. 

But as soon as he learns that MFL wasn't the one who put the poison in his medicine (and Ye Kai was like see I told both of you something must have happened, it wasn't her but you never listen to me lol) he ran to look for her but of course it was too late back then, but eventually MFL took him back. This time I really thought they'll get back together and live happily but who knew her father, Ma Kong Qun has another plan to use HFX.


You know we already have MKQ as the baddest villain, why does they have to add the evil Hwa Han Yi? He killed MKQ but he put the blame on HFX. Hua Bai Feng was right, HFX anf MFL are the poorest couple. Fate keeps playing with them and tear them apart.. but what makes me more sad is the scene where MFL fell into the lake and drown followed by FHX to save her but he thought she had died and he hugs her (I had promise that we'll be together forever) and then MFL suddenly awake and saw FHX is hugging her, she kiss him for the last time and let him go.

If you want to still say that FHX loves CN more, then know this that whenever FHX is with MFL.. he can smile, laugh even tell her everything and only MFL can convince him to forget about the revenge but with CN there's only sadness. 

Oh btw have you seen anyone with a fake blood drool from his mouth yet he is still looking so hot with those killer eyes and cold blood attitude..? I think I fell in love with Zhu Yi Long hahaha

Thank goodness we have Ye Kai and Ding Ling Ling, they are the mood maker in this drama.. and so I heard FHX and MFL are reunite again in a new drama but this time not as a couple because FHX doesn't playing the lead role..


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