Movie: A Street Cat Named Bob & Keeping Up With The Joneses

January 16, 2017

A STREET CAT NAMED BOB - based on a true story of a drug addict who is also a street performer named James, who is on a methadone treatment. one day bob get into his house through a window and never wanna leave since then, instead he keeps following james wherever he goes. both of them instantly became famous after few people took a photo of them and posted it on social media. the movie is basically about a man who try to change his life, the moment that he felt his family has abandon him there comes a miracle that helps him to get through it.

James Bowen and Bob - james wrote a story about how he managed to changed his life, how did he survived when he had no job and how bob has giving him hope to keep living.

KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES - see the the couple with the smiley thing? (idk what it calls lol) they really like to stalk their new neighbor. firstly bcos they're jealous with the joneses lifestyle. but then after they had spend some time together, things are ok for a moment but then the garfneys thought the joneses are an assassin. they started to stalk them til one day the joneses safe their life and reveal everything to them.


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