Cash Flow Game Board

September 14, 2017

Have any of you ever play this game board? It was the same as Monopoly but this one is way more fun bcos at the same time you are learning how to manage your financial, investment and so on.

You'll be ask to choose a random card and on that card it'll list down your job, salary and monthly expenses, also you'll be given a form to fill in everything from the card. And you're gonna need a calculator, it'll be a lot easier.

You see there are four type of cards, small deal, big deal, doodads (unexpected expenses) and the market. And the circle over there (we call it the rat race). Remember the form that you have to write down what your card says about your job? You have to make sure that your passive income (which means assets) is higher than your salary.

And when that happen, you can get out from the rat race and play the bigger deal. How to get out of the rat race? No worry bcos you'll have salary whenever you got into the paycheck column. And you'll also will come across the opportunity this is when you have to choose small deal (below $5000) and big deal (below $6000).

You must use this opportunity either to buy an assets, stock or house. But you have to be quick thinking and witty, at some point when other players get the opportunity, and coincidentally they pick the cards of assets/stock, you can sell yours if the trading price is reasonable.

If I'm not mistaken, this game was created by Robert Kiyosaki and the price rate is MYR200.

I played this game twice and honestly I got addicted to it so I really can't wait for the next meeting hahaha


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