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November 22, 2013

Morning all.. I hope you'll have a lovely Friday.. I know that some of you wanted to have at least one merchandise from Lawson but unfortunately not everyone can afford it especially to students.. plus when you have to get the merchandise from UK or by

So now me & my friend, Ewan are taking order for a t-shirt.. yeah these two designs are indeed the same from lawson merchandise website.. please don't misunderstood byt thinking we are copying 100% their design. that's not what we mean to do but we just want to help you to have this t-shirt as we all know that if we buy the original, it'll be very expensive in MYR

Currently we are taking order for Malaysian Geese and if it's going well, we might be taking order from 'neighbours' ;-)

 T-shirt 1

T-shirt 2

Free button

(including postage & free button)

To order : please kindly tweet your name, contact number, size to @LawsonAsiaOffic and we'll get back to you on how to make the payment etc.


Although I'm very sad that thier 6th anniversary at Stadium Negara had been cancel but I'm  glad that they've make it up to Primadonna by releasing a live DVD of their 6th anniversary at Seoul.. also they just release a single for their new album, The Mood ^_^

my favourite song ;)


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