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November 09, 2013

Bonjour ..

J'espère que vous avez tous une belle samedi .. Ça fait une semaine que le câble principal du téléphone est frappé par la foudre et maintenant je peux revenir à surfer sur Internet..

Oooppsss sorry.. I must have got carried away.. fyi last Sunday I watch a French movie called Forces Spéciales aka Special Forces.. this is my first time watching French movie.. it was bored that night and when I go through all my late uncle DVD's, I found this one..

all of my life, I have been watching to many action or horror movies, most of them are from US or Europe and to be honest, I really can't get along with love story movie unless if it is in romantic comedy genre.. this story is about 6 men from different divisions who are chose to be in an elite team or special forces.. well you know what they have to do, right..?

they got a mission to safe a French reporter who have been caught by the Taliban.. this movie is not just about saving a life but it's also about honor, loyalty and sacrifice.. when the mission is said to bring back the victim safely, they must do anything they could even if they have to sacrifice themselves.. this movie is released on 2011 and has been premier at US in 2012, they'd dubbing the voice to English

I would say this is the saddest part.. he sacrificed himself so that his friends can bring the woman back safely to France by crossing to Afghanistan's border by walking! "You're as scared as I am.. And I don't even hate you all" this is his last words before he is shot.. and Darwisy also said the same thing.. he said "abang ni berani betul.. mula kena tembak kat kaki, lepas tu dia bangun balik.. lepas tu kena tembak lagi.. lepas dia cakap-cakap tu.. terus kena tembak lagi.." oh you need to watch the movie if you want to find out why they have to walk to Afghanistan..

       Elsa           Kovac          Tic Tac        Lucas            Elias            Victor          Marius

Sometimes I always wondering why the handsome one always become the one to die at length 40 mins something?? example tears in the sun, pearl harbour.. *suddenly I remember my friend, she once told me that her tongue almost twisted when learning to speak French hehe*


Once I look at Raphaël Personnaz, the one who plays the role as Elias.. I thought he is really alike Alain Delon when he was young... doesn't he?

Alain Delon vs Raphaël Personnaz


Another war movie to watch, Act Of Valor..


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