Mnet: 2013 MAMA

November 28, 2013

Ah seriously  now only I have chance to update blog about MAMA 2013!!! Ok I missed the red carpet but not the introduction of the show!! Haha although I can’t watch it in peacefully (cos  my brother asked me to cook omelette, relatives come and visit and all) and it’s kinda funny y’know when I asked my SG buddy in Twitter how’s it going since I went to shower earlier and she asking me the same question an hour later lol

I would say Trouble Maker, Dancing 9, Rain & Big Bang performances are the best!! Now I know why G-Dragon has so many fans since his solo debut!! I’m telling you, that yellow hair dude is something!!! I even asked my brother if he wants the same hair style as GD and he looks at me with a sharp eyes haha

seksi bebenau tengok hyun seung and hyuna.. dah macam couple pula.. haish minah minah scandal kau merangkap boyfie aku dah curang dengan kita.. hukhuk

Bi Rain is such a hottie... ooopppss he always look hottie though hehe esp after he came back from military academy

the moment when they went to the photographers/reporters fencing, there's a girl, she's kinda chubby and when GD approached her, she nodded her head shyly haha

 Thankfully, there’s a repeat of the show the day after so of course I’m not letting the chance to watch it slip away just like that although in the end I have to.. I got a lot of things to do.. I don’t know why but I’m such a busy girl on certain days hehe

[spoiler] for Top's fans hehehe (the expensive expression)


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