23 Ways To Reduce Stress

March 04, 2015

Everyone certainly will have STRESS in their lives it's either at home, office or anywhere you'll certainly going through it.. everyday, weeks or months.. And it depends on how people handling their stress.. Even I, sometimes are struggling on how to overcome stress..

And thankfully I found 23 ways to reduce stress, this might be helpful to those who wants to relive stress without spending a lot of money, like I said it all depends on how you handling your stress..

Whether it's related to an issue at work, a fight with a friend or problems with family, everyone feels stresses sometimes. So what can be done in the next five minutes to reduce and prevent stress.....


  1. Try progressive relaxation.
  2. Try some light yoga.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Breathe deep.
  5. Spark some scents.
  6. Listen to music.
  7. Laugh it off.
  8. Drink tea.
  9. Exercise.
  10. Try guided visualization.
  11. Join a religious community.
  12. Chew gum.
  13. Get a massage.
  14. Try self-hypnosis.
  15. Talk about sex, baby.
  16. Take a nap.
  17. Hug it out.
  18. Hang with your pet.
  19. Do an art project.
  20. Write it out.
  21. Take a walk.
  22. Kiss someone.
  23. Don't write a list of the top 23 WAYS TO REDUCE STRESS!

Indeed, I found my fave list above, take a nap is always the one I did the most, to try out some light yoga well I'm not that flexible enough but might give a shot someday (always wanted to take yoga class) and while writing this post, I suddenly thought of secret box.. 

You know the kind of pandora box or secret box and such? Whenever you feel bad and lost your ways to relieve stress or sadness, take a note pad and pour all your feelings into it.. It might be the best way to relive stress..

Anyway, have a good day guys.. 


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