the very gedik + childish ahjussi.

March 04, 2015


The very gedik + childish ahjussi.. my oppa is going to army soon.. sob sob when he didn't join APB in China, by then we're already assumed that he is enlisted.. haish this namja is my first idol oppa.. usually those I stan will be same age as me or a dongsaeng.. and no wonder why mostly my friends chose to stan adik-adik or anak ikan.. rupanya uolls tak nak patah hati ya.. iolls faham dah sekarang.. 

dua tahunlah i tak dengar any news or update from you and within the two years, will I still be able to stan you and wait for your comeback? maybe i should just stan Sanghun oppa from the very beginning cos he's already went to army and of course I don't have to be sad about him being enlist etc..

but yeah.. it's you that I chose to stan in the end.. take care oppa~~


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