K-Drama: The Master Of Revenge

July 04, 2016

The Master Of Revenge aka Master: God Of Noodles tells a story on how four best friends struggle with their lives as an orphan at a very young age, how did they survive in this cruel world, a friendship and loyalty.

It all started when Myeong went to an orphanage, after his parents was killed by Kim Gil Do. He went there by himself, seeking for a place to hide from Kim Gildo, where he met Yeogyeong, Taeha and Gilyoung. The four of em became best friend very quickly but little did they know is, that their parents death were related to each other. Yeogyeong parents were killed by Taeha's father who was ordered by a congressman named Seo Taeseob, in order to prevent her father from expose his dirty secrets.

As time passed by, Myeong met with Kim Gildo who was then used an alias Ha Jeongtae, that named was originally belong to Myeong's father. This is where the revenge started. But things don't always go as they planned, cos Yeogyeong killed their orphanage president when he's trying to rape her and to protect Yeogyeong, Taeha took the blame and surrender himself to the police. He felt the need to do so bcos his father killed Yeogyeong's parents.

They didn't meet for many years but then again as written by fate, they all end up meeting at Gungnakwon, own by Kim Gildo. And their friendship is once again at stake, when they risk everything they have to protect each other, to bring Kim Gildo down, all for the sake of Myeong's revenge. Taeha works at Gungnakwon to help Myeong as well as Yeogyeong, meanwhile Gilyoung doesn't know anything.

I don't have to say much bout this man cos he is really evil but as bad as he may be, he really love and care for his daughter, Kim Dahae. His role is really stand out I'm telling ya.

Kim Dahae, the daughter of Kim Gildo. The reason why she enters Gungnakwon is to find out if her mother is killed by Kim Gildo or not. But who knows, in the end she will fell for Taeha, who works as Kim Gildo's bodyguard. Taeha was told by Kim Gildo to look after Dahae secretly, and in the last two episodes he was killed when try to save Dahae.

This drama is really enjoyable. I give 5 stars! Sometimes we don't need that love story, what we need is a story that tells about how someone cope with their life after a terrible incident that may haunt em for the rest of their lives. 



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