April 18, 2018

men in their late 30s, going 40s, in school uniform.. ok i'm melting!~

sechskies or in germany it means 6 diamond is a group that debuted in 1997 with 6 members (Eun Jiwon, Lee Jaejin, Kim Jaeduck, Kang Sunghoon, Jang Suwon and Ko Jiyong). they're reunited as 5 members through a variety show called infinity challenge but the 6th member Ko Jiyong decided to continue to live a non-celebrity life. they were then signed up under yg entertainment. 

and i'm not really want to talk about that actually.. i just wanna tell you guys.. yes all of you.. how i met sechkies...

it was 1.30am and i can't sleep.. so i was listening to andy brown single (forgot what's the title lol) when i saw my friend tweeted about jekki. she was listening to reckless love.. and it felt like i saw this name somewhere before but i never really want to know who they are so i don't know.. but i was like "meh why not trying to listen to their song.. i can't sleep anyway" so i did and i like it! really really like it! and three words got me WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the music, the song and everything.. and most importantly i fall in love with em! i was never this passionate about a group (the last time i was this passionate when it's about westlife) you know when you started to like a group the first thing you gotta do is watching weekly idol. it's a must thing to do to get to know em, and then infinity challenge.. and i end up watching all their variety show.. only one is left, their 20th anniversary in hawaii...................

the cutie pie muchie handsome my hoony boony + the lead vocal that i fell for

i was confused bcos i always like an older guy in the group.. in this case it's jiwon but after i watch infinity challenge, i'm starting to like hoony.. this was after i did their background checking, jiwon is a divorcee so... i don't mean anything lol i still like him. my friends would know why, i have this syndrome to fall in love with main vocal or lead vocal or whatever

and this is the kinda guy that i would date.. lol why so cliche

oh yeah btw you guys gotta watch this video. actually you must. you need to. share the love or spread the love, whichever way you want to do it. go ahead! we just celebrated jekki 21st anniversary, this angel decided to surprise jekki with a fan video msg.. it's so cute and beautiful yet it makes me feel so sad, that our jekki oppa receives so much love, be it from k-yellkies or i-yellkies..

p/s: i met many new buddies too.. and yup they're so sweet like potato and i love potato! ^^


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  1. It seem you are super fans of Kpop. So do I. I use to watch running man just to see who is their guest. If boy bands definitely a wow to me. Like the way they talk and dance too.

  2. I loveeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeloveeeeeee jekki


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