RAIN's 'comeback' perfomance at Twin Towers Alive

January 30, 2014

as you all know Twin Tower Alive is an event that bring us international artist every year to live music arena. yesterday Twin Tower Alive have confirmed one of the line up performance artists will be RAIN, it's also as a support for his comeback after two years served in military. I don't know who else will be there since this event will be held for two days and they only inform about RAIN.

but thanks to tian chad for sharing the information, girls generation, 2NE1, U-KISS & Wonder Girls will also be there. All these line ups will perform on the second day of the event. as for the first day of the event, I still have no idea who will perform and to be honest I still having hope that beast and big bang will come. 

to the newbies you might don't know who RAIN is but you can search for Full House, his first drama that put his name on top of Hallyu at the time and also bring his name to Hollywood where he played a role as rookie racer in Speed Racer and Raizo in Ninja Assassin.

p/s : you might do not want to miss this chance cos the concert is FREE!!


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