Eric Nam Signed Polaroid by Kakao Talk Malaysia

by - October 27, 2014

Annyeong yeorobun... hehehe tengah mode korean sekejap.. 7 days of challenge pun entah ke mana-mana, when I think & read of my previous posts, I noticed that my blog has no destination.. O.O sometimes I wrote about my family, holiday, weekends spent with bff etc but then k-drama mode show up + this fan girling thing.. I sure do have so many stories to tell.. I only have this problem "where should I start" Lololz

I'm sure most of you all know this cutie.. he just came to Malaysia a couple of weeks ago and to be honest I'm not a Nam's fan fam.. Except that I think he is really cute.. that's all..

But then, Kakao Talk Malaysia is having a contest to win Katalk Dolls.. and I suddenly became a maniac & wanting to win the dolls for myself.. unfortunately I lost because of the answer I gave, it's almost close you know..but that's not it, I joined the next round & the price is Eric Nam signed polaroid! And I won! 

Firstly I thought maybe I can sell the polaroid & make a little money from it but once I'd received it, he's too cute^^ so I made up my mind, I'm not gonna make money for it hehehe and I youtubing his songs & there's this song that I like so much.. and now I'm a Nam's too.. sorry I don't know what's the fan club called..


the signed polaroid I won

my fave... ofc his debut song ;)

oppa... ppalli ppalli comeback to Malaysia! I missed your fan meeting that day >.<

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