Pearl Princess

by - September 07, 2013


Guess what I slept at 3 am last night and only had like only 5 hours of sleep.. all is because of my nerve to watch the returning of the pearl princess part one aka my fair princess which is adapt from Chiung Yoa' novel.. to be honest I'm eager to watch the part two and currently I'm watching while typing this entry..

You all might not know what the series about but during my year in secondary school, I always love to watch chinese series or drama due to I went to a kindergarten where I learnt mandarin.. I even taking mandarin class when I'm 10 unfortunately I can't speak mandarin very well, if only I can read in chinese I would have bought the novel though.. still I can understand what people say but I can talk in cantonese hehe so don't underestimate me #wink

Yeah so in these few days, I spent most of my time by watching the series in yt hd.. you can only install the apps in your phone or tab or ipad.. the reason why I install in my phone is cause I want to watch the series at night.. last nite I can't restrain myself from keep watching the series until the last episode.. that's why I slept at 3 am..

But I kinda gutted when the original casts are replace in pearl princess part three.. I can understand if the main character, Zhao Wei (Xiao Yan Zi), Ruby Lin (Zi Wei) and Alec Su (Yong Qi) refuse to continue to acting in the series anymore leaving Zhou Jie (Er Kang) alone.. it just that their replacement can't copy 100% of their attitude.. Xiao Yan Zi cuteness and mischievous and Yong Qi friendly and caring attitude are totally a mess..

Furthermore, in part three seems that Xiao Yan Zi life is more suffering though that her real character in part one and two are strong and cheerful.. where Yong Qi is forced to marry other girl if they want to keep Xiao Jian alive, which happened to be Xiao Yan Zi's long lost brother and due to she had a miscarriage..

I can't tell you the whole bunch of what happened here so it means you have to watch the series yourself.. I know that I can't biased their replacements cos I know they tried their best to give a big impact on the series and us, followers from the very beginning of the series..

It just that, when you fall in love with a series, you automatically fell in love with the characters as well.. when I watch the part three on telly, I was like that's Er Kang but why Xiao Yan Zi looks different.. same goes to Zi Wei and Yong Qi.. only from a simply glare, I'd already lost my mood to watch it..

How can from such a sweet, happy, fairy tale story can turn into such a disloyal, disaster life? As we all know, they always run from palace when they were caught in trouble etc but why this time they didn't? why did Yong Qi still marry to Zhi Hua and have a child with her? why didn't he take Xiao Yan Zi and escape from the palace? why do they have to wait for much longer until they settled down in a place and have four kids? even though Yong Qi swore that only Xiao Yan Zi is in his heart but his friendly and caring character won't abandon Zhi Hua and their son? 

the cute sworn sisters

The sworn sisters, Xiao yan Zi and Zi Wei would never be apart and they rather die that going through such stuff but why in part three, they live apart.. with Zi Wei and Er Kang remain in palace whilst Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi are as commoner.. too many questions are in part three.. I believe to the followers out there also has the same thoughts..

Maybe I won't be this bias if the character is stick to the original actors/actresses but logically.. the characters in part three is way too different from the part one and two.. it doesn't seem to have any chemistry at all as in the early seasons..

the original casts in part one & two before they were replace in part three leaving Zhou Jie (Er Kang) alone

sometimes I just wish that they really marry in real life when they really fall in love after that, sadly one and a half year later, they claimed they're better of as friend cos they feel more comfortable that way

their love rumors : if alec stand up for his love and tells it to zhao wei.. they would be marry by now and now zhao wei daughter would be his as well hehe but that's all in the past and it's also complicated when comes to feeling.. we don't know what is really happen.. as Xiao Yan Zi always said only one head and one life to lose so why don't we just watch our childhood ancient series, love and enjoy while thinking back about the old days.. ;-p

p/s: although a remake of this series have been made and already out on telly in 2011, still it can't win our heart as we're already fell in love with the original series since 1998.. and fifteen years later, I'm still watching the series.. thanks to ancient series for uploading this awesome series in our life..

*I found so many forums that have the same thought as me.. one of it is joie.. and funnily I never thought there's a fanfiction of this series ;-) pearl princess fanfictions you can found many talented followers who writing a story basically on their own point if view.. what happened if Yong Qi didn't marry Zhi Hua.. what if Er Kang came back from the war with Burma but Yong Qi didn't etc.. at least this could give us joy while we imagining that is the original characters they were talking about..*

To cut it short.. just watch the series ok ;-) and last but not least...

can't believe he'll turn big four O in two days..
I'm wishing you all the best in career good health and happy always


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