ft island is coming to kl

September 21, 2013

Hi hi my lovely friends...

I am so super duper excited.. why? the boys are coming to town!!! I'm pretty sure you guys are wondering who.. well who doesn't know the cutie with a husky voice lee hongki, jonghoon and the rest of ft island boys.. but I'm really excited to see these two dudes

the lead singer with husky voice, hongstar

the sexy guitarist jonghoon



when I first received the tweet, I hardly believe it.. so I quickly google and found ft island malaysia fan club and yes, the boys have confirmed the show! see the above post? hurm where I can hide my smile.. can anyone please tell me.. ;-p

there's only one thing to do before I can plan on how to get ticket, leave application and such stuff.. ticket informations.. that's the most important thing.. cn blue just had their concert in the end of augst, and now we have ft island coming soon!! it's gonna be a great year though I don't fancy cn blue..

in the mv, they seems to have so much fun! as if it is happening in real life though it just an acting ;-) ok as for the ticket, you can get if from songkick ;-)


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