Victory! Birmingham College reverses decision to ban Muslim from wearing veils

by - September 14, 2013

Hi guys.. there's nothing much I want to say but truthfully there's a lot of things I want to say.. even words can't describe how I feel.. as we all know that to Muslims who live or study in Europe are facing few hardships where their appearance are criticized by narrow minded and the victim is of course, woman.. 

A friend of mine tweeted a post to me two days ago and I feel like "gosh this can't let be happen.. we gotta do something" and before we know it, NUS Black Student Campaign has make a petition to help those woman from ban.. sometimes I just don't get it, is our appearance really important when all we want is to gain knowledge and hold a degree? don't get me wrong.. I know how much important an appearance is but don't let it be some kind of emotion or take it to these races thing.. the petition to help Muslim women from ban

yesterday I received an email saying that WE WON!!

who would have thought that when I first received the petition we only have like 3000 or 6000 signs.. but with the help from people who are being concern towards each other, WE WON THE CAMPAIGN!! Can't believe we made it! Thanks to everyone who helping, also to non Muslims in Birmingham! You guys are amazing!!!! Thanks again for helping us, Muslims.. 


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