Filan Friday: From the Studio

May 18, 2013

Feeling betul Mr. Filan ni...

Since Shane announced that he has an official webiste, dengan semangatnya I cepat-cepat visit & sign up. Konon wanna be the first one to know his update from studio ;p And as promised, once a week in Friday he'll email us all about his updates.. Best kan..? Tak ramai artis yang nak buat macam tu.. And memang I tak deny dalam Westlife tu, dialah yang paling friendly and rajin layan peminat.. tak macam my Marky.. dia tu ada mood sikit.. Payah kalau I jadi girlfriend dia hehe

If he said he's going to follow 50 people, then he'll do as promised.. so far I tengok belum ada lagi yang berduka cita walaupun still belum dapat follow back from him including diriku ini yang berstatus girlfriend Mark Feehily... hahaha biarlah I nak perasan sekejap.. sekali sekala kan
Actually semalam I ingatkan Shane nak post new video or teaser then I read his tweets again, laaaaaa his progress in studio rupanya.. hurm Ririey Zaries tertipu hukhuk 

But berbaloilah juga 5 weeks of waiting and for making #FilanFriday become number one trending in worldwide, he cheered us all with this video.. He's such a sweetie... I'm totally can not wait to hear his first solo single in this summer.. Yup summer, coz the UK press had said Mark will release the album first than follow by him.. 

A year ago, maybe we all sedih bila dapat tahu pasal bad news tu but at least they'd make it up to us.. That's why we love the lads.. They'll always be the only one & the best band ever..

Click here to watch the video.

And if my ear didn't lie to me, I think I heard "I'll be the sunlight" or something like that.. It's not just me who listen to it right? But who cares anyway as long as I can hear his voice singing something new =)

Antara surat cinta dari the only one Mr. Shane Filan

Click here to play the song.

Tipu sangat kalau you cakap song ni tak best!! *Ambil ni ::dush dush::*

This song is not originally sung by Shane but it's a demo for Shayne Tward. Sweet sangat lagu ni sampai my girlie Shasha cakap "Ok.. nanti I kawen I nak pakai lagu ni.." Laju je dia nak cop.. Habis tu I nak pakai lagu apa???!!

P/S : While typing this post out from my heart, I'm listening to & they're playing Bon Jovi - Always.. Best la plak lagu ni & nak heran apa, they always play the best songs.. ;)

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