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May 10, 2013

Hurm agak dukacitalah juga tak dapat pergi concert Joe Brooks lagi.. If you all nak tahu Malaysia is his favorite country in Asia. I still remember the last time he was here in 2011, few weeks after Westlife Gravity tour, he spent about a week here with his mate. What is mate means? Well in Europe, boys love to call their best buddies as mate. During his time here, I can say that he's having a live streaming chat with Malaysian tribe almost every single day.. Whatta lovely lad he is... ;)

FYI, he'll come again in less than two weeks!!!! And unfortunately I won't be able to go cause his concert is on May 20th, Monday... It's working day & I can't take leave cause it's the starting of weekdays. Plus I dah ambil cuti untuk concert Lawson last month... It doesn't seem nice if I'm taking leave once in every month right?

It's ok.. Nak harapkan miracle memang no la.. sob sob

Bukan main semangat Joe Brooks nak datang sini lagi.. Macam tulah my darling =)

I don't follow him from the beginning but a bit I know bout him is he starting his music when My Space is taking over the world back then... His hit Superman is totally awesome and maybe some of you yang peminat setia Grey Anatomy pernah dangar lagu These Broken Hands Of Mine in the series...

Til My Heart Stop Beating is currently my fave!! Sadly I ain't going to watch him singing this song live at The Bee Publika.... :(

He looks soooo teen right? Guess what, he's turning 26 in eight days!!! So baby face & awet muda!!! Hikhik ;p

P/S : To Brooks Tribe out there, please have lotsa fun on my behalf. Help him rocking the stage but don't attack him with a BRA ok.. LOL it really happened in his present tour, few days ago..... BRA ATTACK

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