Depression Is Killer

by - December 19, 2017

Yesterday we were all shaken to Jonghyun's death news. Many prayed that it wasn't true, that the doctors were trying their best and to wait for sm to release their official statement. Everyone knows that it was just a matter of time for sm to release the news. Yet we were still lying to ourselves, hoping for a miracle. Honestly I was shaken with the way Jonghyun chose to end his life. I know depression is a very serious illness.

Because I went through it too. There was a time I feel like I have to meet a psychiatrists but I don't know why I have to meet them, I only know that I must go. And it was never easy guys, you need a courage, even to open up to your friends. It was never easy. It took a lot for someone to open up about their mental health.

Jonghyun had inspired many of us, someone with a bright smile who knows how to cheer others, had been keeping a secret door that no one knows. I'm not a shawol but I love to watch them in reality show. There was this part by Jonghyun in Hello Baby Shinee, that he'll have a beautiful daughter. A Korean saying that says if a man can make a beautiful dumplings, he'll have a beautiful daughter.  And how Onew always call him "Jong-ah~~"

Guys, whenever someone get near you and suddenly they open up to you, please just listen to them and never judge. We don't know what they're going through. In our pov, it could be nothing, just a normal human being problems. But to them, maybe it could cost them everything. Sometimes people are afraid to open up is because they don't want to be an open book. Afraid of being judge.

And to Jonghyun, everyone love you. Your parents, sister, friends, Onew, Minho, Key & Taemin, they'll never forget you. Your suicide may have hurt them in a way no one can imagine but we know that you're in a good place now. Looking out for them. 

You left behind your works, your beautiful songs, a beautiful memories, how you have had help others, they'll remember that and they are so thankful for that. There's no one that can replace your place. It breaks our heart but we just want you to know that we love you. And will always remember you. #RIPJonghyun


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