S Club 7 to rebrand as SC3

December 01, 2017

Do you still remember S Club 7? Oh it'll be such a shame if you don't know them, I mean where have you been or how did you spend your childhood? 

Their singles such as Don't Stop Movin',  S Club Party, Never Have  a Dream Come True and Reach were the 📻stations favorite back then. Playing their CD and 💃 along to Don't Stop Movin' was really my think before going to school hahaha

There was a rumors back then that they'll have Bring It Back reunion tour with the 7 members, Bradley, Paul, Jon, Jo, Tina, Hannah and Rachel but Paul didn't want ro continue with the plan while the rest of the members refused to do the tour without a complete members. 

This lead the main vocals, Bradley, Jo and Tina to rebrand as SC3. As been said the new single Family would have been part of the reunion, written for the 7 members to sing will now be recording again for the 3 members. 

If you ask my pov, I'll say I'm a bit disappointed bcos I was so looking forward for the reunion but knowing that SC3 decided to rebrand for the fans who have been waiting for so long, maybe we should give them a chance and wait for their new single. 

What do you think? 


Credit source: Her.ie

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  1. I love their songs so much...'i never have a dream comes true' is the song i love the most...hehe

  2. Ala kenapa semua tak nak re-union sekali. Memang suka kot S Club &. Zaman-zaman Kak Bell dulu. Kalau 3 orang macam tak best je. Hmmm.

  3. Pernah je dengar nama kumpulan ini dulu.. tapi xingat dah lagu dorang... Rasanya tak layan kot... hahahah

  4. Waaa berjoget tak henti rancak nampak... he he he

  5. Whatt. Ingatkan dah tak ada dah. Tak ingat bila last time tenogk diaorang dekat TV huhuhu


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