The Most Fun&Crazy Conversations with Dina & Fatt, Kiki & Elisha

by - December 16, 2011

Hey peeps….. I want to tell u all I’m having so much fun & crazy conversation this evening. I was in office actually but I don’t have so many paper work to do, so I’m sign in to Twitter and reading my followers updates. Which is appeared in my timeline. Those are crazy & funny tweets from Dina & Fatt.

Well, my tweets are not bad too. A little bit crazy & funny too. Our tweets are all about Westlife from the past, 1998 till now. About which one is their first song we listened too. Which song is hard to memorize & what song is hard to be memorize.

For sure, my evening is not so bored. Kiki & Elisha is a little bit quiet this evening but that doesn’t bother me at all. We also have a crazy conversation yesterday and it’s all involved Mark. I don’t know how many times I’ve hashtag his name. LOL. In our conversations, Mark suddenly be a doctor & he has to healed me. See… His name again. I can’t avoid from typing his name. LOL

I hope u all won’t get bored by seeing his name in every my blog post. ;-)

Dina, Fatt, Elisha & Kiki,

Thanks for the crazy conversations ya. I’m having so much fun. I think I’ll dream tonight.
We all maybe lives in our sweet dream, but who knows it might come true. Our prince charming might comes in our life anytime from now on, and wake us up from this dream and brought us to another sweet dream and make it be a reality.

Let’s pray so that it’ll happen one day.

Lurve, hug & kiss.


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