The victims of Typhoon Haiyan need your help. Help them with a donation of RM5 - RM50

December 06, 2013

Cr Daily Mail UK

The victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines need your help. Make a small donation today either from Churp Churp earnings or via PayPal (if you don't have Churp Churp account) and make a difference. You can choose to donate from RM 5 - RM 50. It's up to you, even with a RM 5 donation will make a big difference on the victims. Tell all your friends and ask them to donate as well. 

There's an idiom said "the more the merrier" but in this case more people more better.. if you wish to donate and still doubt about it just click here. The dateline will be on Dec 22nd 2013.

Only three clicks and you have make the victims smile :)


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