Just a piece of my heart

June 25, 2013

"A moment when you feel what happened in your life is not important that other person and how much it hurts you."

Sometimes there are time when I feel like yelling to the world and tell them how I feel..
Sometimes there are those times when I put all the blame on myself for letting things happen the way it has been and for not even trying to put an effort..

I'm just simply saying those things maybe cos I was upset with myself or people around me?
Who should I blame?
It would be an immature me if I'm still keeping the anger I had since few years ago til present..
But at the same time I can't deny how I feel..

I use to ask someone in Twitter how to handle the anger I had and all she said is by forgetting what happened and forgive.. Honestly, saying is much easier than doing it though we never knew if we don't give a try.. it took such a strong heart to forget and forgive.. and to do all that you have to keep a sincere heart to make both parties happy..

This is one of my favourite answer from Google "It means you forgive someone for something, and forgetting it happened is more like you won't use it against them" that's pretty tough to do huh

I don't know why I'm saying all these at this hour, early in morning.. probably cos I feel left out..?

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